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Raymond Skye: Turtle Clan



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Art Card; 5 x 7

Turtle Clan people are said to be ardent caretakers of the land, or Mother Earth as they call it. They are very compassionate and have a deep spiritual connection to the Earth which is considered their strongest quality. Always patient and methodical, Turtle Clan members like to plan well ahead to ensure a clear, safe path. This kind of organization they trust will give them the skills and confidence they need for their journeys in life.

The Turtle Clan has always been fascinated by the turtle’s endurance and longevity. They consider it a docile creature, yet admire its tenacity and courage as a strong survivor. Turtle Clan people, like the turtle, are also strong survivors who attribute their strength to faith and perseverance. They firmly believe the turtle possesses great wisdom because of its ancient origin. This is expressed in their belief that land was created on the back of a turtle as told in the Iroquois story of creation. It is why they regard the earth as their mother, for she provides life to all of creation. The Turtle Clan represents all that is sacred to Mother Earth.

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