Collection Care Services

Collections Deposit & Longterm Care

The collections repository was designed to provide appropriate long-term care for archaeological collections and their associated records.

In Ontario, the care of materials collected by licensed archaeologists (including artifacts and excavation records) is the responsibility of the licensee. They do not belong to either archaeologists or landowners, but are held in trust for the people of Ontario, past, present and future.

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology provides a number of services to support licensees and their employers in meeting their responsibilities for collections care.

Repository Storage Fees and Services

The Sustainable Collections Repository was designed to provide long-term care for archaeological collections and their associated records. As a non-profit organization and registered charity, our fees cover the cost of holding and appropriately caring for archaeological heritage collections, providing access to researchers and Descendant communities and sharing information about these collections through our public programming and galleries.  The MOA offers two options for collections care at the same per-box fee: Collections Deposit or Collections Term Care.

Collections Deposit:

A Collections Deposit constitutes the transfer of the physical objects in a collection along with all of the relevant digitized associated records to the MOA, as a formally recognised public institution by the province of Ontario.  The MOA assumes all responsibilities for the collections thereafter. 

All collections deposited to the repository must be repackaged to MOA standards. Box fees are a one-time cost. Amortization rates are available.

Collections Term Care:

Collections care can be arranged for shorter periods, to a minimum of five-year term. Physical collections are housed and cared for in the Sustainable Collections Repository. Digitized copies of associated records (reports, field notes, photos, etc.) are stored and cared for by the MOA.  Licensees and their employers retain their responsibilities for the collections and can negotiate with the MOA to provide collections services on their behalf, such as research or public access. Storage fees can be amortized but must be paid in full before the end of the negotiated storage period.

All collections stored in the repository must be repackaged to MOA standards prior to arriving at the facility.

Box Fees 2023-2024:

$225 ( up to 250 boxes)
$213 ( up to 750 boxes)
$206 ( up to 1500 boxes)
$200 ( over 1500 boxes)

Collections Preparation Fees and Services

Collections repackaging: MOA staff will repackage collections to MOA standards.

Disposal fee: Green fee for disposing of old boxes and packaging materials.

Records Digitization: Scanning associated records including reports, catalogues, notes, and photographs.  Copies of records can be provided on CD, DVD, or flash drive for additional cost.

Large Format Digitization: Scanning of large format documents such as maps.

Collections Preparation Fees 2023-2024

*Service quotes will be based on collection size and condition.

Collections Repackaging: $24/hour
Disposal fee: $2/box
Records Digitization: $0.25/page
Large Format Digitization: please contact

If you have collections you would like to transfer to MOA, please contact us for more information about requirements for storing archaeological objects and records, or to discuss options for amortized payments and packaging solutions for substantial deposits.

Contact Dr. Heather Hatch, Collections Manager
(519) 850-2565

For information about donating or depositing collections from non-commercial contexts, please contact the collections manager.