360 Tour

Take a 360º tour behind the scenes of our state-of-the-art collections and research facilities or explore the Lawson archaeological village – a Canada Historic Place and registered Ontario Archaeological Site.


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Take a walk through time.

Our galleries share objects from all eras of the human experience in Ontario. Learn how peoples and cultures of this region have lived in and adapted to environmental and social changes over thousands of years.


Digital Museums Canada Exhibit

The story of Ste. Marie II

The tragic tale of Ste. Marie II, details how a village with just one year of occupation illuminates the early history of Indigenous populations and their interactions with the French, English, and Dutch visitors to North America.


Google Arts & Culture Exhibit

Ontario Archaeology in Practice.

Archaeology is happening all around us, every day. Before a highway, pipeline, or even a new house is constructed in Ontario, archaeologists ensure that any material cultural heritage is recorded and protected. Learn a little more about how archaeology is done in Ontario and why it matters.


Google Arts & Culture Exhibit

Lifeways and Landscape of the Lawson Site.

Augment your on-site visit to this Lawson Site with this virtual exhibit, which highlights some of the objects that have been found on the grounds and what they tell us about life at this Ancestral Indigenous village during the 1500s.