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Raymond Skye: Eel Clan



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Art Card; 5 x 7

People of the Eel Clan are very respectful and protective of the water and the land. They are a responsible, compassionate people who carry themselves well and take nothing for granted. Their relationship with the natural world gives them the wisdom to know that water is the most precious resource the earth possesses. The Eel Clan understand that water is the life blood of Mother Earth and all of creation depends upon it to survive. The Iroquois story of creation explains that only water covered the earth in the beginning. A woman fell from a celestial world beyond the clouds and was caught by a flock of birds that placed her on the back of a giant turtle. One of the water animals brought her some earth from the ocean floor, which she used to create land upon the turtle’s back. Over time other forms of life would also be created to inhabit and enrich the world. Eel clan people view the eel as a symbol of early creation. It reminds them of the vital role the water animals played in helping to establish land upon the earth. They pass down these teachings in the hopes of ensuring a sade and lasting environment for future generations. The Eel Clan’s presence is an integral part of Iroquois society.

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