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Work Study Profile: Jillian

Jillian Baker showing her purple pride for Western University
Jillian Baker showing her purple pride for Western University

Hello! My name is Jillian Baker, and I am a third year student at Western University, double majoring in First Nations Studies and English literature.  I have spent three terms with the museum now, working as both an Education Assistant during the year, and the Head Camp Counsellor over the summer. My job ranges across a variety of disciplines,  allowing me to both hone my own teaching skills with regards to cultural studies, while also gathering a thorough grounding in the ins and outs of archaeology. When I am not at the museum, I can be found reading a book, or –more likely– eating. I enjoy good quality cheeses and home baked treats.

I am a lover of books, arts, and cultures, and a believer that there is nothing better for the soul than a good cup of hot chocolate. I got my first taste of archaeology, like most people, from the gloriously fictitious Indiana Jones, starring heartthrob Harrison Ford. I later learned that running from boulders and uncovering alien remains is not the norm, especially not for archaeologists in Southwestern Ontario. I have since grown to truly appreciate the subtle and fine art of digging, cleaning, contextualizing and filling out the paper necessary to call oneself akin to Indie; while it is not included in my personal career path, it remains a very well respected science in my eyes.
Come meet me, and my coworkers at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, where history is in your hands!



Hi again Jillian,

What a nice surprise to see your Work Study Profile here!
I thoroughly enjoyed our chat Saturday afternoon and especially having the opportunity to meet a young person who is so interested in, and knowledgeable about, First Nations issues.,.. and learning lots about archaeology at MOA too! We are so fortunate to have you helping out MOA in a variety of ways. Chi miigwetch! 🙂 Miggs

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