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Work Study Profile: Nicole


I have been at the Museum for two months as the Archaeological Interpreter and I instruct groups of school children activities that are offered by the Museum. As well as providing demonstrations that better explain archaeology to children. I became involved with the Museum through volunteer work that began in 2013 which provided me with experience with the collection of artifacts and how the Museum operated. I am in my fourth year of the Honors Specialization Program of Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario. The Archaeological position offered at the Museum allowed for me to transfer my knowledge acquired through my education to be applied to a practical workplace environment.

The atmosphere at the Museum is welcoming and the staff members are all wonderful. They make working at the Museum an absolute pleasure. The Museum of Ontario Archaeology allows for children as well as adults to learn about a group of people that not everyone knows existed and that the City of London was previously occupied hundreds of years ago by the Attawandaron people.

Currently I am working on creating a demonstration to provide some insight into an Archaeologist’s job. Archaeology does not just involve digging but rather collecting data from the artifacts and placing them into a context to better understand the lives of individuals from the past. The demonstrations that I have prepared illustrate decomposition in various environments while the second demonstration explains soil formation and how levels of the earth indicate different time periods.

When I am not working I enjoy baking and cooking. Recently I have begun to select recipes pertaining from one country and make a dinner based off of that one country’s main meals. Then I will switch to a different country and attempt their food as well. Finding all of the ingredients can be a challenge but once the meal is complete it is all the more enjoyable.

–          Nicole Braden

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