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Work Study Profile: Falon

Education Assistant Falon Fox

Name: Falon Fox

How long have you been a work study student at MOA?  Since the beginning of November 2014.

What is your job title and what do you do? I am an education assistant, which means I assist in the educational programming of the classes/guests who sign up for activities. So far I have mostly been involved with the preparation phase but I am looking forward to the artifacts and tour portion of the programming schedule!

What led you to this position? The background I have for this position is my undergraduate career at Western. While studying history extensively over the past five years, it’s enabled me to memorize facts quite easily, which will of course come in handy for the artifacts and tour component of my job.

What inspired you to work at MOA? I have always wanted to work in a museum; the experience would be extremely valuable for future job opportunities. To have a job that I not only enjoy but also relevant to my future career is priceless.

What do you love about being a staff member at MOA? I absolutely love the people who work with me, they are incredibly helpful and patient which makes me excited to come to work every week! Though I haven’t quite done it yet I have a feeling that my favourite part of the job would be the artifacts and tour portion of the program.

 If there was one thing you could tell the world about MOA, what would it be? Great People, Great Stories, fun experience!

What advice can you give others?  Say to yourself: “I will try my best” and then everything will fall into place.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing? I love watching movies whether it be from the Hollywood or Bollywood industry. I also love to write in my spare time  and read plenty of books.

 Have you had some memorable experiences at MOA in your time here? If I laugh then the experience is memorable and I have already had a few at MOA.

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