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Work Study Profile: Dane

Dane Ferry

Hello, I’m Dane Ferry. I have been with the museum since February of 2015. I came to here of this position through Western University’s Work-Study program and thought it would be an enriching and educational employment experience. My previous employment in the service industry combined with over six years of volunteering with local non-profit organizations has prepared me well for my duties at the museum. The work environment here is unlike any other in which I have experienced, it is fun, lively and enthralling.

My favourite aspect of my job here is working with children to help enrich their educational experience.  I am currently working on expanding and updating some of the current educational program activities as well as presenting them. Working here has changed my outlook on education and North American culture. As an International Relations major I’m always looking for ways to incorporate history into my daily life and working at the museum has helped me greatly in doing so.

While working, I really enjoy learning about Indigenous culture as well as other aspects of Canadian history which I have always been interested in but never really had access to. I look forward what will hopefully be a long relationship with this organization as it provides an invaluable service to the London community.

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