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Work Study Profile: Arienne

Hello, I’m Arienne!


I have been an Education Assistant with the museum since January 2015. I am in charge of making your days of learning and exploring at MOA as great as possible. So far I am loving my role, I have learned so much about Ontario’s history – who knew so much went on right where we stand!

A bit about myself: I am a fourth year student at Western University, currently finishing up my studies in English and French Language and Literature. Next year I plan to study Education, so I love being able to learn alongside all of the visitors to MOA.  I am a huge dog person and I love walking my golden retriever Kendall through all the paths of Hamilton, my hometown. In my third year of my undergraduate studies, I had the privilege of studying in Nice, France. My favourite place that I have traveled to would have to be Amsterdam. My Opa (grandpa in Dutch) grew up there and worked in his father’s barbershop before immigrating to Canada. Being able to explore the city of his childhood, and eating all of the Dutch food of my childhood, led to an amazing trip I’ll never forget. Not to mention the beauty of the tall, crooked architecture, the canals and houseboats, and the insane bike lane laws. Since then, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and hope to explore more of Europe – specifically the East – and hope to find myself in Southeast Asia for my next adventure.

If you ever spot me at MOA, come over and say hi!

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