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Work Study Opportunities

The following positions are available through Western University’s Work Study program.

You must be pre-approved for hours before applying.

Work study details: It may take up to 4 weeks to be accessed for work study. You will be notified by Western through your email. Jobs are posted on CareerCentral job listings.

Financial assistance is also available during the fall term for registered students. The application for fall bursary and Work Study funding is available through the Student Center.  To be eligible to apply students must be registered in a minimum half credit (not Distance Studies) during the Fall term and must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Note: Students who are registered in a 0.5 Distance Studies course only are not eligible to apply for funding.

The deadline to apply for work study for the Fall/Winter term is February 28, 2020


Education Department Work Study:

Education Assistants: This role ensures museum guests have a positive museum experience and are responsible for delivering curriculum focused school programs, tours, and family programs.  This position is ideal for anyone interested in going into teaching, museums, non-profit, or archaeology focused careers. For more information, please refer to the Education Assistant_2019 posting.

Birthday Party Animator: The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is seeking Birthday Party animator.  This vital role is responsible for delivering fun, active, and safe birthday parties to children 5-14 years old.  This position is ideal for anyone going into or interested in theatre/drama, teaching, museums, or non-profit focused careers. For more information, please refer to the Birthday Party Animator_2019 posting.

Skills you will develop in these positions:

  • Public speaking
  • Teaching and classroom management
  • Customer service
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Time Management/Multitasking

Please email your resume and cover letter to Katie Urban – Learning Coordinator.


Archaeological Collections Assistants: Work Study

We are looking for students to help us with processing our archaeological collections for long-term storage.  The MOA is responsible for the care of a large collection of archaeological materials from across Ontario, and many of these collections need to be brought up to the standards of care for preservation in our archaeological repository.  This involves hands-on work with re-packaging collections as well as inventory management and digitization, including 3D scanning.  For more information, please refer to the Archaeology Collections Assistant Work Study posting.  Please email your resume and cover letter to Heather Hatch – Collections Manager.