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Teacher E-Learning Resources – Grades 9-12

Interestested in a Live Virtual Program? Email our Public & Education Programmer, Leeanne at

Live Virtual Tour

Explore the MOA Gallery and the Lawson Archaeological Site through this 45 minute live virtual “tour” that explores Archaeology and the early history of what is now Ontario.

Cost: $70 for 45 mins live tour for up to 30 students (can be combined with program below for 20% savings)

All Virtual Programming delivered through the platform Google Meets, zoom, or Microsoft Teams (However, if you prefer another videoconferencing platform, we can likely accommodate).

Full-size Virtual Education programs

Our full-size virtual education programs have been designed to require no special materials and contain only optional printables. We are using a combination of videos, Google Slides, and interactive worksheets.

Cost: $150 for 1 hour live outreach for up to 30 students plus 6+ pre and post activities for each program.

Each program is made up of three parts:


Interactive materials that prepare students with concepts and information that will be built upon in the live virtual visits and post-activities.

Live Virtual Visits

These 1 hour live segments build on the content of the Pre-Activities and are done through Google Meets and explore content in a visual and interactive way.


Post-activities are summative and may include drag and drop, quizzes, research activities, and more.


Introduction to Archaeology

This introduction to Archaeological principles and methods has been designed to complement the Ontario Curriculum’s Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology course.


Virtual Programming costs are a flat fee of $150/for up to 30 students and includes all pre and post activities on demand and a 1-hour live virtual visit.

How it works:

When you book we will send you the pre and post activities for your program. We will also arrange a scheduled time for your live virtual session.

Free content

What is Archaeology?

Archaeological Terms – Video

A discussion of various archaeological terms and breaking them down, going through many different aspects of archaeology.

Archaeology Field Kit

A short blog post that lists and explains what most archaeologists will have in their tool kits.

Archaeological Artifacts from Southwestern Ontario – video

A look at a collection of artifacts representative of those found on the Lawson Archaeological Site.

Archaeological Methods

Interpretation and Understanding

How to ‘read’ an Archaeological Assemblage – Video

Explaining how archaeologists think about different artifacts, including many examples. Allows students to apply knowledge to things around them.

Dating methods in Archaeology – video

Going in depth about the dating techniques, mainly seriation, and explaining how this is useful to archaeologists.

Context in Archaeology

What is context and why it is one of the most important things in Archaeology.

Stratigraphy and Context – Video

Defining and discussing stratigraphy, looking at how the geography of a site applies to archaeology.

The Law of Superposition

In this post, the Law of Superposition is explained, and its role in context and stratigraphy in Archaeology. Dating usages are shown in examples.

Carbon Dating aka Radiocarbon Dating

An explanation of how carbon dating works and how it is important to archaeologists.

Dendrochronology, a.k.a. Tree Ring Dating

An explanation of dendrochronology, and how it is important to archaeologists.

Index Types

This post contains an easy to understand explanation of indexing; how we use the known age of one artifact or site to estimate the age of another.


An explanation on what Seriation is, and how it’s useful to archaeologists in the field.

Five Ways to Date Old Things: An Introduction to Archaeological Dating Methods

Brief explanations of various methods of dating used by archaeologists in Ontario. Includes links to further in-depth explanations for each.


Ceramic Identification

A look at the many way’s archaeologists can identify ceramic works.

Sir William Flinders Petrie

A biography on Sir William Flinders Petrie, the man responsible for helping to make archaeology a discipline.

Excavation Methods

Underwater Archaeology

An explanation for how kids can make a do-it-yourself underwater archaeology experience.

Underwater Archaeology – Video

Diving into underwater archaeology, in Canada and around the world.

Look Back: Underwater Archaeology in Ontario

An overview and discussion of underwater archaeology in Ontario. Many techniques that aid in discovering and preserving are mentioned.

Burial Investigations

A brief look at the history of burial investigations within Ontario.

Environmental Archaeology: An Overview

Focusing on the impacts that humans have on the environment with an emphasis on geoarchaeology, archaeobotany and zooarchaeology.

Ice Patch Archaeology

This blog post discusses ice patch archaeology, and how the ice can preserve artifacts remarkably well. Many examples are given.

Archaeology Flotation

An explanation into what flotation is, and how it is used for artifact recovery.

Four Excavation Stages you should know

A summary of the four excavation stages for any archaeological site in Ontario.

Post Excavation Handling of artifacts

Conservation vs. Preservation: What’s the Difference?

This discusses the differences between conservation and preservation with regards to museums. In depth explanations and many examples are utilized.

Protecting the Past

This blog post talks about sites in Ontario and what organizations and legislations are in place to protect these sites.

MOA Exhibit Tours & Collections

MOA Exhibits

MOA Main Gallery Tour – Video

A full tour of the museum’s gallery.

“Who Cares About the Past” Exhibit tour – Video

A tour of the Museum’s feature exhibit, that discusses how Commercial Archaeology is done in Ontario and why it’s important.

MOA Collections

What’s this Point?

Identifying a Fluted Point Donated to MOA

Online Collections: A Digital Experience

This page is an explanation of the online collection as well as how they are made.

MOA Google Cultural Program

Explaining the new resource of Google arts and culture.

Online Collections: A Digital Experience

This page is an explanation of the online collection as well as how they are made.

London & Area Archaeology

Lawson Site

The Archaeology of the Lawson Archaeological Site – Video

Talking about the archaeology and history of the Lawson site at the museum in London.

Wilfrid & Elsie Jury – Video

Looking at Wilfrid and Elsie Jury’s contribution to archaeology in Ontario.

Elsie Jury: Pioneering Local Archaeology

A biography on Dr. Elsie Jury, an icon for both archaeology and women’s acceptance in the workplace.

Medway Valley and the Lawson Archaeological Site – Video

Explanation of the area surrounding the museum, the Medway Valley and the Lawson archaeological site.

A Look Back to the Lawson Site Pot

In this blog post, a pot found on the Lawson site is discussed and looked at closely.

Archaeological Sites in London, Ontario

Changing Landscapes: Unearthing London’s Past

In this blog post, many archaeological sites across London are discussed. There is also emphasis on what regulations are in place to keep everything in order here in Ontario.

The Attawandaron Discoveries

This blog post is a look into the Attawandaron site, and its history within London.

Changing Landscapes: London Parks

In this post, two of London’s own parks have their history discussed.

Archaeology of Victoria Park London – Video

Explaining the archaeology and importance of Victoria Park here in London.

Photographing Artifacts: FSC project

Photographing Fugitive Slave Chapel artifacts 

Artifact Washing: FSC Site

How and why archaeologists sometimes have to wash artifacts.

History of Fugitive Slave Chapel site

A brief history of the Fugitive Slave Chapel site in London.

Selected Artifacts from the Fugitive Slave Chapel Site

A look into artifacts found at the Fugitive Slave Chapel in London.

Ontario Archaeological Sites

A closer look at some archaeological sites from around Ontario.

The Story of Ste. Marie II- A Virtual Exhibit

A post discussing the last Jesuit Mission to the Huron-Wendat Nation in Southern Ontario.

Importance of Chase Wesson Site

Discussing a site here in Ontario that held an undisturbed fifteenth century village.

TMHC War of 1812 Artifacts

In this blog post some artifacts from the War of 1812 are discussed and shown.

Simcoe’s Boat found in Thames

An interesting look at a boat found in the river Thames.

Exploring Historical Methods

How were things done in the past? Is a question that Archaeologists are interested in, by understanding past methods we are better able to understand the sites we are studying and the people who lived there.

What is a longhouse

This blog post summarizes as well as shows examples of what longhouses are and the roles they played in village life.

Nailing down Iron Artifacts

This post looks directly at iron and its place in the archaeological record.

Making Maple Sugar – Video

A show and tell of how to make maple sugar!

Copper Manufacturing of the Archaic

Discussing copper manufacturing that has been practiced by First Nations.

Interview with Bioarchaeologist Dr. Andrew Nelson

An interview with Dr. Andrew Nelson discussing how different tools are used in the field. Looking epically close at a Medieval Prayer Bead that can be seen through Virtual Reality at the museum.

Potters in the Past: Micro Computed Tomography of Archaeological Ceramics

Discussing pottery and its uses as well as how we can look at pottery without destroying it.

Animals in the Past  

Animals have long had a strong connection to people and these resources explore this theme.

Mammoths & Mastodons

An explanation into what exactly are, and the differences between, mammoths and mastodons.

Archaeology of Dogs

A blog post that explains the history, and how we know it, of man’s best friend.

Early Collectors and Archaeologists

A look at some of the early archaeologists working in Ontario and beyond and how the field and changed and evolved into the 21st Century.

The Archaeology of the Lawson Archaeological Site – Video

Talking about the archaeology and history of the Lawson site at the museum in London.

The Speculative Period: Early Collectors

This quick read discusses the early origins of archaeology as well as the Lawson site itself.

Kathleen Kenyon: Archaeologist

A biographical blog page on Archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon.

Women Pioneers of Archaeology

In this blog post, just a few of the many great women of archaeology are highlighted.

History, Indigenous culture and arts

The links below are drawn from the MOA Blog Archive and don’t necessarily reference Archaeology, but are representative of the people and cultures that Archaeology seeks to better understand. More can be found by searching our Blog archive.

Fur Trade: How and Why?

In this post, the fur trade within North America is summarized.

Battle of the Thames

An in-depth history of the Battle of the Thames.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

A brief summary of what can be learned from the medicine wheel.

Pow Wow Celebration

A look at the history, importance and current relevance of pow-wow.

Performing Presence: Pauline Johnson and Her Predecessors

A biography about a women who used her ancestry as Mohawk and British to create poetry and art.

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