Raymond Skye: Beaver Clan


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Art Card: 5 x 7

Members of the Beaver Clan demonstrate creativity and skills that reflect certain aspects of the beaver’s character. They are an industrious, well-organized group of people, and not much escapes their attention. Like the beaver, they are quite comfortable and adapt within nature’s surroundings. Patience and perseverance are other noble qualities they possess. This is evident in the positive attitudes they display when dealing with life’s challenges.

Beaver Clan people are easy going individuals, and their contributions to the community are greatly valued. It shows how loyal they are in maintaining their connection to one another for the survival of their clan. The Beaver Clan’s compassion and respect for the natural environment is part of their everyday lives. Their enduring relationship with nature expresses how much they appreciate all that it provides for their well being. They strongly believe it helps to ensure a stable future for their clan and the coming generations. The Beaver Clan’s presence is an integral part of the time-honored Iroquois clan system.