Raymond Skye: Bear Clan


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Art Card; 5 x 7

Members of the Bear Clan are devoted to their clan family, and stand firmly united in the welfare of their nationhood. They have proven to be great hunters and providers. Bear Clan people are considered to be wise teachers, and believe moral character is the basis for a strong community. They draw their strength from that principle which has served them well in life. The bear has a reputation of being fearless no matter what danger it may encounter. Centuries ago Iroquois warriors were said to be like the bear, noble, brave, and strong. They were taught to face danger with courage and dignity. Today that strength is still prevalent in the heats of the Bear Clan people.

In Iroquois oral teachings there is a story that tells how the Bear Clan acquired knowledge of natural medicines. A long time ago one of its members was given instructions as to the healing properties of such medicines, and where they could be found. From that time on the Bear Clan became known as “healers.” Their spiritual connection to nature keeps them aligned with the sacredness of all living things. The Bear Clan’s presence is noted across all the Iroquois clans and nations.