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Reaching Out


Thrill of Discovery

Archaeology is about people and at MOA we want more people to experience the thrill of discovery and the sense of belonging that comes from our connection to a shared heritage. Inspiring the archaeologist in everyone goes beyond the educational programs and exhibits people enjoy at the museum.

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Reaching out and sharing the excitement that comes from holding a piece of the past and connecting past lives with current experience is as important to us as the people who come through our doors. The experiences students have at the Museum are reflected in the letters we receive after a visit and we want to give more people an opportunity to explore and discover Ontario archaeology.

To achieve this, we are developing new outreach and educational programs. We want to serve seniors in retirement and care homes, young adults in high schools, and children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend a program on site and we need your support to make it happen.

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MOA raises 75% of its annual operating revenue through program fees, gift shop sales, project grants, and most importantly, the generous support of donors like you. By supporting the museum, you make it possible for us to inspire the archaeologist in everyone regardless of their ability to visit the museum.

Your support has a real impact. Help make a difference by contributing today!