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Homeschool and Small Group Educational Program


We are accepting bookings for the 2022/2023 school year.

We are currently offering a basic gallery and village tour, plus a workshop for small groups of up to 10 for $70.00.

Length: 1.5-hour – Suitable for all ages (we alter accordingly for the age of the children in the group).

Cost: $70 for a group of up to 10 people (available weekdays at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM respectively). Pre-booking required.  

Workshop options:

  • Pottery making
  • Artifact Lab
  • Build Your Own Artifact

Materials for these workshops will be laid out in advance and not shared during the workshop. Our classroom can hold 30 people in normal operations and we can therefore maintain social distancing within the workshop area for 1-4 family groups if combining.

If you’re interested in more than one workshop, please refer to our pricing on our Pre-Booked Tours page for additional add-ons and options.

How to Book Your Visit!

  • Email: to request a time slot for your Educational Program – we require at least 2 weekdays (Mon.-Fri) notice to make arrangements and times are as available, so please book early;
  • Complete the pre-tour booking form to help us prepare for your visit (this will be sent out two days before your program);
  • Pay contact-less invoice ($70 per group flat rate) in advance of your visit;
  • Enjoy!


See our school education programs for options and details.

How it works:

When you book you will be given access to the pre-activities and post activities for 1 calendar months. We will also arrange a scheduled time for a live virtual session if applicable.

Contact for more details or to book


Krista Harris

We are a small homeschool group of 6 children. I am the teacher. We are studying the Iroquois and I would like to book a visit to your site. A few parents will also have to accompany me during the visit. What is all included in the visit and are you open all year long or when can I book until?
I think the kids would like the pottery making workshop. Thank you and looking forward to hearing back,