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Grades 1-3


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Programming for Grades 1 to 3

All programs are available as half-day and full-day versions. Half-day programs are 2 hours and Full-Day programs are 4 hours including a 30 minute lunch break.

Please click the program title for more information and curriculum connections.

Year Round Programs 


Life Systems and Living Things: This program explores the shared needs of plants, animals, and humans in the past and present. The program will focus on how people have historically survived with comparisons being drawn to our needs today. (Max. 50 students) Grades 1 & 2


Science of Archaeology: Students explore the practices of archaeology and how this field helps us learn more about the heritage of Ontario’s First People.  (Max. 50 students) Grades 1 – 3


Soils, Rocks, and Habitats: This program explores soils and rocks within an archaeological context. Students will investigate why they think the 16th century Indigenous village adjacent to the museum was built in this location. (Max.50 Students) Grades 3 & 4 


If you have any questions about our educational programs, please contact Leeanne Doxtator- Public & Education Programmer: 

The Learning Centre

Download complete pre and post visit lesson plans here:

Program Costs:

Half-day programs:

  • $9.00/person (2 hrs)

Full-day programs:

  • $14.00/person (3.5 hrs + 0.5 hr for lunch)

The Museum requires ample supervision for all programs.

  • Teachers/chaperones are admitted free at an 10:1 ratio (2 free minimum)
  • Support workers for individual students are always free and not included in the 10:1 ratio
  • Extra/Paid Chaperones = $6.00/person
Booking a Program:

Please click the link for more information: Booking a Program

Customize your Program:

Want to add something to your program? Click the link for additional activities: Customize your program