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Build Your Own Tour

Create a customized field trip for your class with our education program options.

The following craft and activity-based workshops can be added to the General Tour (An Introduction to Ontario’s First Nation’s People) or a self-guided tour to build your own visit. Any of the below workshops may be substituted for our other programs:


Choose 1 workshop below for a Half-day (2 hrs)


Choose 3 workshops for a Full-day (4hrs)


Or choose programs à la carte to suit your own program length: 

General Tour (1.5 hours and $5.00/student) or Self-guided Tour ($3/student)

Craft workshops = $2.00/student

Activity-based workshops = $1.50/student

Tour minimum is 10 (excluding teachers and leaders)


Workshops (30 minutes each)

Recommended for grades 1-3 Recommended for Grades 4-8
Craft Workshops

  • Pottery
  • Beaded Bracelets
  • Personal Totems
  • Woodland Style Painting
  • Diorama (1hour)

Activity-based workshops

  • Pioneers
  • Traditional Games
  • Craft workshops
    • Pottery
    • Wampum
    • Personal Totems
    • Woodland Style Painting
    • Soapstone Pendants
    • Dreamcatchers (counts as two workshops/$2.5 per student)

    Activity-based workshops

    • Quill Writing
    • Underwater Archaeology
    • Context in Archaeology
    • Early Societies
    • Fur Trade
    • Traditional Games


If you have any questions about our educational programs, please contact Katie Urban- Learning Coordinator : or give us a call: 519-473-1360