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Raymond Skye: Wolf Clan



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Art Card; 5 x 7

People of the Wolf Clan reflect many traits similar to the wolf. They are loyal, intelligent, curious, patient and very sociable. Iroquois people believe there is strength in unity, and view the wolf as being a perfect example of that principle. The Wolf Clan holds the wolf in the high esteem for its survival skills. They consider it be an excellent teacher of such abilities. Wolf Clan people too are great teachers, for they understand how vital the natural world is to their wellbeing.

There are two leaders within a wolf pack; an alpha male and an alpha female. They work together to maintain social order within the pack. This collaborative effort works well in keeping the pack unified. Wolf Clan people believe this is the basis for building a solid community. Teachings that shape good character are part of everyday living for the Wolf Clan. They deem it as being the greatest attribute one can possess. Their respect for one another and the natural environment is quite evident. It confirms that the Wolf Clan truly embraces the spirit of the wolf.

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