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Raymond Skye: Heron Clan



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Art Card; 5 x 7

The Heron Clan is considered to be of great stature. Its members p0sses qualities that are quite similar to the heron such as patience, intelligence and poise. They take great pride in proclaiming this stately bird as being their clan symbol. Heron Clan people are very resourceful, and their careful observation of life gives them a definite advantage in all areas of survival. Everything they do reflects competence and humility.

People of the Heron Clan can be solitary individuals, yet co-exist with others very well. They regard themselves as nature’s ally because they believe there is a true purpose for everything that has been placed upon the earth. It is all part of an interrelationship that is meant to maintain balance in the world and keep it functioning as it should. Heron Clan members embrace their culture with passion and devotion. It is why they hold such a great standing within the Iroquois Clan system.

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