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Raymond Skye: Deer Clan



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Art Card; 5 x 7

People of the Deer Clan are regarded as being good natured, loyal and very perceptive. Dedication, determination and good leadership skills are other qualities that serve them well. Centuries ago a man known as the Peacemaker was instrumental in establishing peace among five warring Iroquois nations. His divine guidance helped the five nations from a great confederation known as the Great Law of Peace. The Peacemaker proclaimed that the deer would be a vital part of Iroquois survival and tradition. The Deer Clan gained notable status among the Iroquois nations for this reason. Deer Clan people are steadfast when it comes to protecting and upholding their sacred customs. When an Iroquois hunter takes down a deer he will offer special thanks to the animal’s spirit for providing sustenance to the people. Venison is not only a favorite food for the Iroquois but also serves as an integral part of their ceremonies right to this day. Traditional buckskin clothing is still made from the hide. The antlers of the deer are placed upon the headdress of an Iroquois chief. This denotes his status as a leader of his clan and nation. The Deer Clan holds great respect for the animal they deem as being the symbol of their clan family.

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