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Jeffrey George: Elder


The Wisdom of an elder gives me guidance.

An Elder shows me how to respect and care for Mother Earth

An Elder shows me how to be strong like a tree deeply rooted, connected to heritage.

An Elder speaks truth and honesty, bravely confronting, challenging like a warrior without fear. Never given up the fight for the greater good.

As the Elder receives a red rose from a crow, filled with deep emotions of unconditional love.

Spirit animals of the Elder Protectors Healers of Mind Body and Spirit bringing light into the circle of life.

The male and female Elders restore balance to the breath of ancestors, their voices resonate like the sound of a drum, bringing me closer to their wisdom.

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Art Card; 5 x 7

Jeffrey George is an Ojibway artist from the Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation, situated along the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

“My work reflects my culture- its blessings along with its inner pains and suffering. My journey through life had led me to my native culture and traditions, to the place where I am honoured to share my heart and soul through my artistic gift.”

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