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Natural Clay Pottery Course 2022

With the success of our virtual Natural Clay Pottery Course last year, the MOA is excited to announce our partnership with FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association and The London Clay Art Centre to offer this course again! Join professional potters Chris Snedden and Gene Timpany, and historic re-creator Kim Lundberg as they guide you through the process of collecting and preparing your own natural clay through to your unique pottery creation.

This year our course has been designed to be delivered through a hybrid model with participants on site as well as online. All participants will have access to exclusive video demonstrations and one-on-one support from instructors who will guide you through an introduction to earthenware, a regional history of pottery making, collecting your own natural clay, and getting to experiment by creating your own pot with us!

Thanks to our hybrid delivery option, this course is available to anyone who has an interest in learning more about creating natural clay pottery, regardless of location! Last year we had many virtual participants from across Canada, the United States, and even overseas!

Please note for virtual participants; an internet connection is required for the course and you will be responsible for finding, collecting, and preparing your own clay. Local participants are invited to fire their creations in a pit-firing on site at the MOA.

Registration is now closed!

For questions, email