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Museum Memory

Today is Museum Memories Day and I’d love to share with you my recent discovery.

A couple weeks ago, I was going through my family photos  which my dad digitally archived over the course of a few winters. I was shocked and excited to come across this photo of myself at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology at the age of six. I had never seen this image before and couldn’t wait to share it with my co-workers and MOA friends. I’ve been told that this is the second version of a longhouse that was built on this site. The palisade poles and longhouse are quite different today.


Unfortunately, I have no recollection of this specific visit but I do have faint memories of there being a maze (many children who visit MOA today are eager to explore the maze) and I remember learning about First Nation history. I had always thought this space was at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. When I re-visited the Pioneer Village at an older age, I was disappointed it was gone.

Twenty years later, I am back at MOA, working my dream job in the Museum field. It’s crazy how things in life come full circle. I look forward to the many more memories and experiences that I will gain at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.

Thank you!
Jennifer Stead
Experience Coordinator
Museum of Ontario Archaeology

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