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MOA’s Edu-Kit

What’s an Edu-Kit you ask?

The MOA Educational Kit (“Edu-Kit” for short) is full of resources and artifacts that anyone can rent.  Containing over 30 artifacts, a teacher’s guide, and reading resources, the Edu-Kit is an excellent tool for elementary school teachers, homeschooling groups, or youth groups with an interest in history and archaeology.  It’s great for exploratory learning and is a way to bring the museum into your classroom.

edu-kit guide, teachers resource

Resource Guide

Starting with the Resource Guide is the best way to get the most our of the Edu-Kit.  The Guide provides a stress-free way to use the Edu-Kit materials in your group.  Lesson plans on First Nations History and Archaeology are included, along with customizable PowerPoint slides on a USB drive and artifact identification tools.  The Guide also includes additional history information for grades 6-8 or advanced learners, worksheets, and activity pages, along with First Nations myths and legends, and project ideas.


In addition to the Guide, the Edu-Kit includes a variety of books suitable for learners from 6 to 14 years old.  The books are full of different materials you can use to complement the lesson plans in the guide and include colouring pages, traditional songs, historical information, a biography of the Jury Family, and research materials for archaeology and history projects.

reference books, edu-kit

The most exciting part of the Edu-Kit is the artifacts. Each of the artifacts is a genuine, irreplaceable piece of history and date from the Paleo-Indian Period (11000-9000 B.C.E.) to the Late/Terminal Woodland Period (900-1600 C.E.), and vary in material and purpose. The kit includes artifacts such as pottery sherds, ceramic pipes, animal bone ornaments, and stone projectile points.

artifacts, edu-kit

The Edu-kit is ideal for students who work at their own pace and is also an excellent option for groups on a tight budget.  The EduKit is available to rent for $50/2 weeks. If you are interested in renting our Educational Kit, contact Katie, our Learning Coordinator.

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