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MOA Education Workshops Descriptions


Craft Workshops


Students will try their hand at making pottery using the traditional methods of Ontario’s First Nations People and self-drying clay.

Suggested for: All ages and grades


Personal Totems

Students will learn about animal totems and their meanings within First Nation traditions. They will then create their own 3-dimensional sculptures using self-drying clay.
Suggested for: All ages and grades


Beaded Bracelets

Students will create beaded rainbow bracelets while following along to the Story of the Colours, a tale inspired by First Nations traditional stories.

Suggested for: Grades JK-3


Medicine Pouches

Students will learn about traditional First Nations medicines, as well as the medicine pouch and its modern use. Students will also place a totem in their pouch, which makes this a great pairing for the Personal Totems workshop.

Suggested for: All ages and grades


Woodland Style Painting

This modern style of First Nations art was made popular by Anishnaabe artist Norval Morrisseau in the 1960s. Many local First Nations artists use this style today. Students will learn about the art form and its history, and create their own.

Suggested for: All ages and grades



Dioramas have a long history with MOA, and there are still few dioramas found throughout the gallery. This workshop is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned in their visit. They will work in small groups and use their creativity and fine motor skills to create a miniature version of something they have learned at the museum.

Suggested for: Grades 1-4


Wampum Belts

This workshop introduces students to the concept of wampum belts and the nature of non-written communication and agreements. They will explore the history of wampum and its importance within Indigenous cultures and Canada’s history. They will then create their own wampum pattern and make a bracelet version.

Suggested for: Grades 5+


Quill Writing

The goal of this workshop is to introduce students to the origins of written history and the varying points of view and biases between the Jesuit missionaries and the Indigenous people of North America. Students will discuss the concept of bias in written history and explore writing with India Ink and quills, the writing instruments of the early Europeans in Canada.

Suggested for: Grades 6+


Activity Workshops

Context in Archaeology

Context is what helps archaeologists know what they know. Students will learn how archaeologists peel back the layers of time to draw inferences from the sites they excavate.

Suggested for: Grades 6+


Fur Trade

This interactive workshop explores the Fur Trade in Canada and the relationship between the Indigenous people and the Europeans.

Suggested for: Grades 5+


Underwater Archaeology

This interactive workshop introduces students to the practices and challenges of underwater archaeology, which will allow them to explore how archaeologists draw inferences from their archaeological sites.

Suggested for: Grades 3+


Early Societies

Students will learn about various early societies globally and throughout different eras, with a special focus on environmental interactions and impact of available resources.

Suggested for: Grades 5+

Traditional Games

The goal of these workshops is to encourage physical activity while teaching students about various traditional Indigenous games.

Suggested for: Grades 5+