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MOA Archaeology MadLibs

A madlib is a a story where multiple words are taken out and replaced with random words that are the same parts of speech. It is a great tool for teaching children their nouns, adjectives, etc. and always results in a silly fun story that is unique every time.

These MOA Madlibs, in their original forms, tell the story of a young Archaeologist and the different stages and components of Archaeology.

A new MOA MadLib is released each Friday at 10:00 EST with a Facebook Live interactive creation of each new story. Join us our Live or catch up on past videos on our Facebook Live page:

MOA Facebook Live Videos

Download the templates for all past Madlibs below. We’d love to see the results! Share a copy of your finished story on our social media pages with #MOAFridayMadlibs

Below are the completed stories from our Facebook Live videos. If you complete one of your own we would love to see it! Share it with us on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram and use the #MOAFridayMadlibs