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Work Study Profile: Marta


My name is Marta and I’m an education assistant at the museum. I’ve only worked here for a few months but it feels much, much longer. As an education assistant I do a lot of really cool things. How many other people can say they made soup over a camp fire at work? But my main job is educational tours, mostly with school groups. I love working with kids – they provide unique new insights into the most mundane things and I always get a fresh perspective on something I have done countless of times. Their questions usually make me question things I’ve never thought about before, which in turn leads me to expanding my own knowledge. This is what makes each tour unique, even though, technically, I repeat the same information every time.

I believe that we can learn so much from people of the past, which is why archaeology will always be relevant. Besides, I always loved museums because there was so much cool stuff in them (Mummies! Dinosaurs! Bones!). So when I saw the job opening at MOA, it seemed like the perfect job for me. Since then, I learned an incredible amount about the history of First Nations in Canada and about archaeology in general. One of my favourite things about working here is the approach to education and emphasis on learning.

So what do I do when I’m not at work? I’m always writing one thing or another and I read anything I can get my hands on. Besides that, I’m studying anthropology and French at Western so my life revolves around readings, papers and watching Jeopardy.

Fun fact – I have a mummy in one of my classes. She’s not very talkative. But we get along.

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