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March Break Blog 2015

Wonderful World Adventures Camp 2015

March Break – March 16-20, 2015 –

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Take an adventure through the many wonders of the world. Explore the ancient, natural, modern, underwater, and medieval wonders through games, activities and crafts.  Read on to learn some of the activities we have in store!

Camp begins at 8:30 every day but parents can drop off their kids as early as 8:15. We’ll play small group games, colour some amazing artwork, and free play with friends until 9:00 am.

What to bring to Camp: You’ll want to bring two snacks and a lunch (peanut free!), a water bottle, indoor shoes, and outdoor gear (like boots, a coat, mittens, a hat) for when we play outside.

Programs - camp (2)


Monday‘s theme is the Seven Wonders of the World. We’ll be learning about the Great Pyramid of Giza and decorating our own personal pyramid with our name in hieroglyphics. Another craft we’ll make is a Greek head-band called a Kotinos, and create the Lighthouse of Alexandria. In the morning, we’ll watch a nifty Power Point about all of the Seven Wonders and test our trivia in the afternoon! Today’s games are going to be tons of fun: we’ll pretend to be statues in the temple of Artemis, a statue buyer, untangle the vines of Babylon and lots more.

Tuesday is the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. A lot of neat art will be crafted today such as paper waterfalls and mountain range pastel art. We’ll explore the Northern Lights with a colourful milk experiment and coffee filter craft. There will even be volcanoes exploding!

Wednesday we’re exploring the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. String bridges, paper trains, and milk carton boats will be on our craft table. We’ll be playing Pipeline, a game based on the industrial underground pipeline system, Ship Shore based on steam ships, and Railroad tag. We’ll also be learning what life was like before the Industrial age as we go on a tour of the Museum.

Thursday we become knights, princesses, jesters and all things medieval for Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.  We will take on a knights training obstacle course, play Gladiator ball, Keeper of the Keys, and some fun outdoor games. Crafts include Hagia Sophia mosaics, Gladiator Shields, paper lamps from the porcelain tower of Nanjing, and create the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Friday is our favourite day because we all get to have a pizza lunch with our new friends! The theme is seven wonders of the underwater world. We’ll be doing some cool experiments, learning about underwater volcanoes and underwater archaeology. Games will include tadpole to frog, coral reef layers, and crab races. We’ll also be making some fishy friends, sea creatures and predator pins.

Camp ends at 4:30 every day and the latest time for pick up is 4:45. Camp kids will be watching a movie in our theatre space when it’s time for pick up. Don’t forget to sign out your child and bring photo ID with you!

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