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MOA’s new logo


The Museum of Ontario Archaeology’s logo reflects our belief that archaeology is (first and foremost) about people.

The hand print represents the people whose stories are being brought to life through archaeological research as well as everyone involved in archaeological activities.  The stylized palisade represents our connection to the Lawson Village, a 16th century Neutral Iroquoian village located beside the museum.  Together the palisade and the hand print represent the people who lived in this place, MOA’s responsibility to steward and protect the site, and the people who continue to draw meaning and value from their ongoing connection to the history of this place.

As one respondent in a recent survey noted, “Images of pith helmets, fedoras and bones are iconic, but not really representative, and images of particular cultures or specific tools are too narrow to encompass all that archaeology represents.”  We have deliberately chosen a design that tries to encompass everything archaeology is about while recognizing the museum’s unique relationship with the Lawson Village site.

The logo is designed to work effectively in both colour and in black & white.  The colours represent energy, excitement, and adventure.