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Ignite a Child’s Imagination

By supporting our educational programs, you put archaeology directly into a child’s hands.  Whether it’s holding a 2000 year old tool or unveiling layers of earth to discover what’s hidden below, our educational programs are unique learning experiences designed to engage and inspire children.

Students explore our archaeological heritage and discover Ontario’s First Nations’ history, culture and traditions through hands-on and interactive activities, crafts and games.  At MOA we have activities ranging from artifact handling/identification and archaeological excavation to woodland painting, soapstone pendants, and games; all designed to bring history to life.

Our education programs are created to meet Ontario curriculum needs and give teachers a choice of activities – extending their students’ experience beyond the classroom and bringing the curriculum to life. School programs follow a well-paced schedule designed to keep students moving, motivated, and engaged.

What MOA Does with Your Donation

At MOA we are striving to find new ways to share our knowledge and understanding of Ontario’s archaeological heritage throughout the province.  Your donation directly supports the development and delivery of our educational programs.

We believe that every interaction with a child in our educational programs is an opportunity to inspire a passion for archaeology and our cultural diversity.

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