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Heritage Garden

heritage garden

We would like your feedback and support on having a Heritage Garden in Attawandaron Park. Please complete the Feedback Form (below) to provide your feedback or ask any questions.

Create a heritage garden in Attawandaron Park that celebrates indigenous plants and heritage of the first Londoners. Grow important and beautiful plants that will help tell our shared history and enhance our local environment.

● Pay homage to the Attawandaron people – telling part of their story on the site of their former farmlands around Lawson village
● Build to Last – Make a garden that will last for years, ensuring a legacy with the project
● Teach – Use the project to teach people about the plants, history, uses, and meaning through interpretation in the site as well a supporting workshops and talks.
● Inclusion – Engage people in all aspects of the project including building and ongoing maintenance.

● Beautifying Attawandaron Park with art and plants
● Support and enhance the Medway ESA & Museum of Ontario Archaeology with additional interpretation
● Enhancing understanding of London’s history
● A more engaged, connected, and aware community
● Enhance London’s recreation and historical tourism opportunities

The envisioned Heritage Garden would be a 20’x30′ area in Attawandaron Park near the Museum of Ontario Archaeology’s parking lot. It would have significant, but minimally visible, fencing (comprising of black deer and pet netting on a wood fence post structure) to protect it from the abundant and hungry wildlife in the adjacent Medway ESA. The garden would be used to grow Echinacea, Oswego Tea (Bee Balm), Canadian Mint, Sacred Sage, Yarrow, Sunflowers, Jerusalem Artichoke, Heritage Corn, Heritage Beans and Pumpkins. These are significant plants for the Attawandaron people and represent the foundations of agriculture and permanent settlement in London. Signs attached to the fence posts would provide artistic representation of the plants year round and some information about their importance and use.

Please complete the Feedback Form and let us know what you think about this project. Thank You!

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