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Four Gift Ideas for an Archaeology Friend

Gift #1: Customized Trowel

Every archaeologist knows that when you have a trowel you must hang on to it, because you never know when it will get mixed up with someone else’s onsite. We often mark our trowels with a symbol or name to break the cycle of confusion, but alas, trowels still go missing. Developed as a hobby by an archaeologist for other archaeologists, Hermit Woodworking designs custom trowels that you can buy online or custom order with specific colours or inlays (Harry Potter theme anyone?!)

Image of trowels arranged in a crescent shape with multiple coloured handles made of wood
From Hermit Woodworking Facebook Page

Gift #2 An Archaeology T-Shirt

I know you see this everywhere, but t-shirts are a good gift idea. Known as dig chic, archaeologists love some punny t-shirts. And if the pun is archaeology related, well, you can’t go wrong. MOA is starting a line of custom archaeology shirts available for purchase both online and through the museum gift shop on December 19th.

two side by side tshirts one beige and one black. Both with the same image of 5 varying projectile points with the slogan Ontario Archaeology Rocks underneath
Example of the T-shirts going on sale at MOA’s MOA Gift shop on December 15th.

Gift #3 Craft Beer Set

Craft beer is a huge market trend in Canada. Last week I saw a craft beer gift basket go into a silent auction, and it was the most bidded upon item! And this is something you can make yourself quite easily: customize it by adding different foods, glasses, or bottle openers to make the basket truly unique.

Book cover fo Ontario's Craft Beer Guide.
Also known as a field guide to beer, this makes a great addition to any craft beer gift set.

Gift #4 Before Ontario: The Archaeology of A Province

With contributions from the provinces leading archaeologists, this book offers both an outline of Ontario’s ancient past and an accessible explanation of how archaeology works. This book is great for both the seasoned professional and the up and coming archaeologists. You can find it on Amazon and the MOA gift shop.

Book cover of Before Ontario. Features an excavated square
Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province can be found online.

And there you have it. Four simple yet effective gift ideas to share with the archaeology lovers of your life.

image of a swirling tree in MOA orange with a gold star topper

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