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Elementary Programs

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Full-Size Virtual Educational Programs

Our full-size virtual education programs have been designed to complement the Ontario Curriculum (primarily Science and Social Studies) and seek to replicate some of the interactivity of our on-site programs. They require no special materials and contain only optional printables. We have used a combination of videos, Google Slides, and interactive worksheets to build programs with varying and engaging activities.

Cost: $150 for 1 hour live outreach for up to 30 students plus 6+ pre and post activities for each program.

Each program is made up of three parts:


Interactive materials that prepare students with concepts and information that will be built upon in the live virtual visits and post-activities.

Live Virtual Visit

These 45 hour live interactive segments build on the content of the Pre-Activities and are done through Google Meets or Microsoft Teams and explore content in a visual and interactive way.


Post-activities are summative and may include drag and drop, quizzes, research activities, and more.


Grade 1/2 Life Systems and Living Things Program

This program explores the shared needs of plants, animals, and humans. The program will focus on how people have historically survived with comparisons being drawn to our needs today.

Grade 3/4 Soils, Rocks, and Archaeology

This program explores the different types of soil and rocks and how archaeologists interact with them to study the heritage of Ontario’s First People.

Grade 5/6 Archaeology of a Longhouse

Students will explore longhouses and how they were built, and used in the past. This program will focus on building structures, mapping, and the archaeological process.

Grades 7-8 Exploring Historical Inquiry

Students will explore the Historical Inquiry Process through the six historical thinking concepts with a focus on primary and secondary sources, perspectives, and bias.

How it works:

When you book you will be given access to the pre-activities and post activities for 2 calendar months. We will also arrange a scheduled time for your live virtual session.

Introductory Live Virtual Tour

Explore the MOA Gallery and the Lawson Archaeological Site through this 40-minute live virtual “tour” that explores Archaeology and the early history of what is now Ontario.

Cost: $70 for 40 mins live tour for up to 30 students (can be combined with any of our full-size programs above for 20% savings)

All Virtual Programming delivered through the platform Google Meets or Microsoft Teams (However, if you prefer another videoconferencing platform, we can likely accommodate).

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