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Educational Digital Kits & Booklets

We have a collection of Digital Activity Kits and Booklets available for purchase on our gift shop! These kits are full of fun activities based around archaeology, heritage, and history! They’re the perfect activity for a rainy day or for a virtual camp option!

New! Our Digital Activity Kits are full of fun activities! From Ice Age Exploration to Adventures in Archaeology, each of these unique kits include 9 activities and videos to keep your children entertained. Kits are appropriate for children ages 8+. Please note, physical materials for the activities are not provided.

Travel back 12,000 years to a time when giant animals roamed the earth! Meet extinct animals, including Woolly Mammoths, Mastodons and Giant Beavers. Some of our activities include a melting glacier experiment, making your own projectile point, and a megafauna extinction survival game.

Investigate the science behind archaeology! Learn about the different soil layers and uncover your own artifacts by taking part in your very own archaeological dig! Some of the activities include recreating your own edible soil layers and stratigraphy treats, a flotation exercise and an archaeological word search.

Archaeologists are like detectives, we need your help to piece together clues to solve some hundred-year-old mysteries. Activities include an interactive puzzle reconstructing pieces of artifacts, and solving an archaeological word-scramble.

It’s travel time! Explore different archaeological sites around the world. Learn about different methods of excavation and how it varies across the globe. Some of the activities include a mummification experiment, build your own Roman arch, and make your own rock art!

Explore how to identify different maple trees and learn all about the history of maple harvesting. Discover how archaeologists identify maple-harvesting sites. Some of the activities include a maple scavenger hunt, learning how to make your own birch bark basket and even making your own maple taffy!

This bundle contains all 5 Digital Activity Kits!

Includes: Ice Age Exploration, Digging Archaeology, Uncovering Archaeology, Adventures in Archaeology, History of the Maple Harvest.

Have you checked out our new activity books yet? These booklets are filled with fun activities and games to keep your aspiring archaeologist or historian entertained while also learning about Ontario’s heritage! Once you purchase, you’ll receive a digital version of the activity book to access videos, resources and additional activities!

Artifacts were made, changed, or altered by people at some point in the past. Explore artifacts and how archaeologists figure out where to look for them through surveying!

What was daily life like for people living in Ontario at different times throughout the past 13,000 years? Explore what life was like at different points in time!

Dig into some of the ways Archaeologists age artifacts and the places they excavate. This booklet explores time and the science used to understand it.

Discover some of the lesser-known types of archaeology! Explore some of the sciences, places, and methods that might be surprising to find are part of archaeology!

Get out your magnifying glass and put on your thinking cap! This booklet explores how archaeologists are like detectives, piecing together clues to solve questions about the past.

Why do things rot? What rots on an archaeological site? If something has rotted away, is it really gone with a trace? This booklet explores the things from past human life that have disappeared and rotted away.