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MOA Collections

four projectile points of different styles made of a similar grey-brown stone
Projectile points from the MOA collections

What Collections does the MOA hold?

Artifact Collections:

  • The Jury Collection – The Original Collection of the Museum
  • Legacy Collections – Archaeological Materials of Various Origins
  • Deposited Collections – Materials Transferred to the Museum’s Care
  • Excavated Collections – Recovered through Museum-led Excavations
  • Ethnographic Collections – Materials Collected to help with Cultural Interpretation, Providing Links to Living Cultures

Document Collections

  • Library – Published Resources for Ontario Archaeology
  • Collections Documentation – Site Reports, Other Documentation about Sites in our Collections
  • Jury Family Legacies – Personal Artifacts, Journals and Family Photographs from the 1890s to the 1960s

Explore Our Online Collections

The MOA is dedicated to making our collections accessible. Come and explore the content in our Online Collections platforms!

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Those interested in more information on our collections should contact the Collections Manager:

Dr. Heather Hatch,
(519) 850-2565