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With the financial support of the Canadian Government through the Museums Assistance Program, the MOA is excited to introduce a new Collections Management System. Featuring thousands of items from collections held in the care of the MOA, our Online Collections Portal is a searchable tool featuring a wide range of content.

An example of an object record from the MOA online collections portal showing an image of a decorated rim sherd from the Omand site and the associated object description.
Object Record Example: Rim sherd from the Omand site, BeHa-17 880193

Our goal is to make collections more accessible and available to the public while sharing knowledge, research, and cultural understanding. The public search portal has separate searches for Objects (e.g. archaeological, ethnographic and art materials), Records (e.g. library books and maps), as well as a new ability to search for archaeological Sites represented in the collections. Two advanced searches, one combining objects and records and the other focused on sites are also available. 

We have also added a navigation page to answer questions about how to use the search!



The online database is constantly expanding with new records being added regularly. The information on some records may be incomplete and is subject to change in accordance with future research. History is just a click away!


Google Arts and Culture

The MOA’s has partnered with Google Arts and Culture to create an online collection featuring new archaeological accessions from our Sustainable Collections Repository. The growing collection showcases over 50 objects, many originally featured as part of our Artifact Spotlight mini-exhibits!

Click Here to visit the MOA’s Google Arts and Culture Collection!

A yellowware chamber pot excavated from the Toronto General Hospital