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Community Memory Book

Title card for the Harvest Festival and Pow Wow Community Memory Book with Invitation to share your story.

Although the 2020 Harvest Festival and Pow Wow is unable to run in person, the Museum is creating a Community Memory Book to celebrate the history, and look forward to gathering again in the future.

What does a contribution look like? There are so many possibilities!

  • A short story reflecting on something you experienced at the event that you enjoyed;
  • A poem, or creative piece inspired by the event;
  • Images you’ve taken to help us build a record (Include name of photographer, and year taken);
  • A memory of a few sentences to 500 words that stands out to you.
  • Something you learned when attending an event;
  • A favourite song you’ve sung or danced to;
  • A craft you made, or demonstration you watched;
  • A friendship you sparked;
  • What you remember most strongly about the event, or want to share with future guests attending the event;
  • Well wishes or positive words for the future.

Please share only information you have created yourself, or have permission to share!

The Digital Publication will be released on our website in October 2020, and available for download for free!

Email to contribute.

The Museum may not publish everything that is sent to us at the discretion of the Creative Team to ensure respectful, positive, and inclusive representation of the community, cultures, and peoples involved.