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Archaeology Around the World Camp

Archaeology Around the World camp – July 21st to July 25th (and August 25 to 29th) 2014.

Quill Writing

Archaeology around the world is a theme that’s all about encouraging a sense of adventure and exploration! Learn about unique archaeological sites around the world.

This week starts off with the ancient Romans and Greeks, when you’ll get to learn about the mythology and culture that became the basis of modern Western civilization. We’ll test your knowledge with trivia and make wonderful Gods/Goddesses themed crafts. We make olive wreaths and use sheets and blankets to throw a toga fashion show!

On Tuesday we explore China, the country with one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world! You’ll get to learn about Chinese art, culture and symbolism and use that knowledge to make your own clay terra cotta warriors, paper lanterns and fly handmade kites in the park. Tuesday is also water day so we get to do a water balloon toss, play ‘drip drip drop’ and have a wild time in the sun splashing around!

Wednesday takes you across thousands of years and kilometers to the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. You will get to make a ceremonial mask, like the ones found in the tomb of King Tut, Egyptian headbands, pyramid dioramas and translate secret hieroglyphic codes. Wednesday is also dig day so you can get your hands dirty learning about real archaeological techniques and dig for artifacts on the Lawson Site. A museum interpreter then explains all the detective work that goes on behind identifying the artifacts, and gives you a chance to guess what you’ve found!

Thursday we learn about a culture that truly embodied the spirit of travel and exploration; the Vikings! We learn about the unique lifestyle of the Vikings and the settlements discovered right here in the Canadian East coast. The crafts involve making parts of the Viking costume, such as shields, swords and helmets. Then we’ll challenge you to make the sturdiest and swiftest boats to race in the river when we go hiking through the forest on a Viking adventure!

Friday is our most special day at camp. We spend the morning learning about Medieval Europe and making foil paper crowns. This is followed by a pizza lunch and then our most special event, Around the World in 80 minutes (AKA Quest Day). The counselors dress up in full costume from all the different cultures and time periods we studied during the week. Some counselors hide throughout the forest and the village where they set up challenges and tasks you must overcome to complete your quest. These activities include hunting for lost treasure, trekking across make-believe jungles, making your counselor into a mummy, underwater archaeology and more! Quest day is a great way to fire up our camper’s imaginations as they see all the ancient worlds come to life.

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