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Employment Opportunities

Western Work Study Opportunities

The Western Work Study program is currently under restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  When Work Study positions are available, they will be posted here, as well as on Western University’s CareerCentral job listings.

Student Internships

Student internships are offered year round at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.  Available internships are currently under review and subject to the availability of supervisory staff. If you are a student in an undergraduate or graduate program and are eligible to complete an unpaid internship, please contact the Collections Manager, depending on your area of interest.


Lukas Horton


I hope all is well with you. I was wondering, are there were any job positions currently open? I am a student at the University of Western Ontario and I am beginning to look for a summer job. If there are any job openings I would love to hear about them, but if not, I understand and I thank you for your time. Take care!


Lukas Horton (he/him)
Teacher Candidate – University of Western Ontario

Kat MacDonald

Hello Lukas,

Thank you for your interest in position at the museum! We will be advertising our summer positions on our website and on our social media in April, so make sure to check back then!