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2nd Annual Heritage Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Heritage Scavenger Hunt! During the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll discover the rich, cultural heritage of London. 

The event can be completed at your own pace; individually or as a team. You can visit the sites over various days/evenings depending on your schedule as long as you complete them within the designated time frame. The Scavenger Hunt will start at 10:00am on Friday, August 26th and end at 6:00pm on Monday, September 5th. 

Listed below are the 10 archeological sites for this year’s hunt.

  1. Museum of Ontario Archaeology
  2. Masonville Place
  3. Victoria Park
  4. Blackfriars Bridge
  5. Harris Park
  6. 100 Kellogg Lane
  7. Meadowgate Park
  8. Springbank Park
  9. Kains Woods
  10. Westminster Ponds

At 10:00am on Friday, August 26th our Scavenger Hunt website will go live with all the information regarding each location. The information will cover the historical significance of each site and include 5 missions that can be completed by participants. You can submit these missions as a team or individually. Please note, there is only one prize package for each location.

Click the names below to navigate through the 10 heritage locations! From here you’ll be able to access more information about the location and the Google Forms in order to complete missions!

Please note, you do not have to visit all 10 archaeological sites. You can complete as many as you wish.

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Before starting the Scavenger Hunt, review the rules and regulations listed on our website: 

Remember, there is no digging at any locations.

During the Scavenger Hunt we encourage participants to explore the locations walking or bicycling. Several of the locations do have hiking trails that may not be accessible to all participants. Please respect all posted signage and abide by location rules.

All locations do have parking available. Please refer to our Scavenger Hunt website for notes on recommended parking locations.

Grab your adventure gear, it’s time to explore the Forest City!

If you are experiencing any issues or technical difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!