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Museum Tours

A visit to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology will take you back in time 500 years ago as you explore the re-created village of the Neutral Attawandaron Iroquois and the collection of southwestern Ontario’s archaeological discoveries. A museum tour is the perfect way to experience the history of Ontario.

Enter the Museum and you will be greeted by friendly Museum staff who introduce you to the galleries and answer your questions. Take a self-guided tour through 12,000 years of history of First Nations peoples matched with archaeological artifacts that help uncover past tools, techniques, and culture. The feature gallery, located at the back of the museum, is a “cant-miss” stop featuring temporary and traveling exhibits that change throughout the year.

Head outdoors to the Lawson Site located next to the Museum. As you enter the Palisade and wind around the maze, you will discover a recreated longhouse built alongside the Three Sisters and Medicine Wheel gardens. Follow the trail to the forest and unexcavated portion of the village to uncover the archaeological dig site. Although there are no current excavations, you can see how a site is mapped out and some of the tools used for excavating.

Tour Guide
Sarah, MOA tour guide Summer 2014

Museum Tours & Accessibility:

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology recognizes the diversity of our visitors’ ability and needs and we offer a variety of services to ensure the accessibility of the Museum.

  • Self-guided museum tour brochures are available in English, Large Print English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Simple and Traditional Chinese, and Swedish.
  • MP3 Audio guides are available in English.
  • The Museum and washrooms are wheelchair accessible (enter through the Sustainable Archaeology doors). Paved accessible parking is available.
  • The grounds of the outdoor Lawson Site are laid with wood chips and may be difficult for some visitors to travel across.
  • Guide dogs and service dogs are welcome.
  • We are located near three bus routes: 31 Orchard Park, 39 Fanshawe West, and 9 Whitehills. Visit London Transit for details.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact the MOA in advance of your visit at: 519-473-1360