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Feature Exhibits at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in London Ontario

Ontario’s archaeological heritage and First Nations history are revealed in our feature exhibits.

 Earth & Fire: The Craft and Form of Ontario Earthenware Pottery Traditions


Iroquoian Longhouse Meets Virtual Reality in New Archaeology Exhibit

Exhibit marks Museum of Ontario Archaeology’s plans to expand use of technology
to create richer experience, share more artifacts

Visitors to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in London, Ontario can now take a virtual walk through a 16th century Iroquoian longhouse as part of a new virtual reality exhibit. Wearing HTC Vive virtual reality goggles, visitors will wander through a 3D digital interpretation of life in a longhouse, past a blazing cooking fire, sleeping bunks strewn with furs, and stored foods hanging from the rafters. They will also see items used for daily living that reflect archaeological artifacts from the museum’s Lawson collections. Viewers will also be able to shoot arrows in an archery course outside the longhouse.

Developed by Western University PhD candidate Michael Carter as an aspect of his dissertation research, the exhibit combines the interpretation of archaeological evidence and ethno-historic records with modern methods of CGI and virtual reality production.
This is the first virtual reality museum exhibit in the London region and one of only a few in Canada where archaeological findings have been transformed into an immersive experience.

“It is just the start of the museum’s plans to bring more innovative and engaging technology into our exhibits,” said Rhonda Bathurst, executive director, Museum of Ontario Archaeology. “We want visitors to have a richer learning experience and to virtually interact with the wide range of excavated artifacts stored in the museum’s collections. Visitors will gain a better understanding and appreciation of Ontario’s and Canada’s diverse cultural heritage.”

Virtual Reality Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday-Sunday: 12-3

Rate: $2.00 plus cost of regular admission