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Museum Exhibits in London Ontario

Ontario’s archaeological heritage and First Nation’s history is revealed in our exhibits.  Currently, in our Feature Gallery, you will see,

Coming Soon: No Word for Art

An exhibition featuring the creative works of Santee Smith

May 16, 2015 – September 2015. Exhibit Opening June 2nd 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

For the Onkwehon:we the concept of art is not defined. Creative endeavours were a part of life and those who created, shared their gifts for the pleasure of all. No Word for Art is an exhibition highlighting the artistic achievements of Santee Smith, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, performer and pottery designer, and one of Six Nations finest creative artists.

War of 1812: The Chippewa Experience

Developed by Antler River Associates on behalf of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation
January 3rd to May 4, 2014

Learn about significant communication methods of wampum belts, trade goods, and trail marker trees during the war. Explore art and artifacts depicting life during the War of 1812 from the Chippewa experience.

1812 Chippewa Experience

Explore our Permanent Gallery to learn about the history of First Nations peoples in Ontario from 12,000 years ago to current times. Archaeological finds from the various time periods give clues to life in the past.

Museum Exhibits in London Ontario