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Ontario’s archaeological heritage and First Nation’s history is revealed in our exhibits.  Currently, in our Feature Gallery, you will see,

Blood Memories: Pieces to a Puzzle


Curated by local Métis artist Ken Rollinson
September 13 to December 19, 2014

Ken Rollinson is a Métis Artist with Abenaki/Mic mac and European ancestry.  His show will feature carvings, illustrations and photographs documenting his research into the use of plants in aboriginal traditional medicine, through the use of meditational prayer and heritage tobacco.  The imagery documents his spiritual connection and communication with the plants he works with as was done in the past.  The hope is to help people to understand the belief that all things are connected through spirit and when that is respected the result is the sharing of information that enables survival for all.

Explore our Permanent Gallery to learn about the history of First Nations peoples in Ontario from 12,000 years ago to current times. Archaeological finds from the various time periods give clues to life in the past.

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