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Feature Exhibitions

Weaving Together the Northeast

A joint exhibition between students at Huron University College and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology

June 17th- October 15th, 2015


Weaving Together the Northeast is a special exhibit curated by the students of Professor Thomas Peace from Huron University College at Western University in partnership with the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. The exhibit concentrates on the history of northeastern North America between the 16th and 17th centuries; and how the First Nations people in Southwestern Ontario connected with the broader context of Canada.

Discover this collaborative exhibition interwoven into the permanent exhibitions in the main gallery space. Students had the ability to bring their research into a feature museum exhibit by using artifacts from MOA’s collection to illustrate their work.


Weaving Together the Northeast highlights the relationship between the First Nations and the European settlers and the complex interconnectedness of the various First Nations societies by understanding the importance of First Nations history and this time period.

Incorporated in this exhibit is a section of First Nations beadwork, including pre-European contact beads and Wampum beads.  This section of the exhibit is the work of the students from Historian’s Craft from Huron University College.