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Guides and Scouts

Brownie, Cubs, Guides and Scout Badge Completion Programs

guides and scouts play native games

The following programs have been specially designed to help Brownies, Cubs, Guides and Scouts easily meet the requirements of badges that coincide with the First Nations Heritage and related topics. We can design a shorter program based on our Elementary Programs and also visit you with our Outreach Program.

Brownies – Aboriginal People in Canada – 3 hours – $7.25/Brownie

  • Aboriginal Ontario Tour
  • Corn Husk Dolls
  • Games
    *Meets all requirements for badge

Guides – Heritage – 3 hours – $7.25/Guide

  • Aboriginal Ontario Tour
  • False Face, Games or Corn Husk Dolls (must choose one ahead of time)
  • Native legends
  • Norval Morrisseau or the Jury’s (must choose one ahead of time)

*Completes 4 of 6 requirements for badge

Cubs – Aboriginal Awareness – 3 hours – $7.25/Cub

  • Aboriginal Ontario Tour (includes discussion on 4 First Nations inventions still in use today)
  • Native Games or Native Legends (must choose one ahead of time)
  • Dioramas
  • Aboriginal People and Pioneers

*Meets all requirements for badge

Additional Information

Please request bookings at least two weeks before your preferred date. Tours and programs are booked on a first come, first served basis. Museum staff will try to satisfy requests but note that some dates fill quickly. We have some availability for Guides and Scouts to book evenings Monday to Friday to correspond with your regular meetings . Fill out this form for a quick inquiry: General Program Inquiry Form or give us a call at 519-473-1360.