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Grades 7-8

Mandala painting

Programming for Grades 7 and 8

*All programs are specially tailored to each grade`s curriculum.

Year Round Programs 

Science of Archaeology: Students will explore the practices of archaeology and how they inform us about Ontario’s past and peoples.

  • Curriculum connections:

Exploring Historical Thinking: This interactive and hands-on program will explore the six historical thinking concepts brought to life through archaeology and the museum’s collections. This program focuses on concepts of bias, time, perspectives and how we understand the past.

  • Curriculum connections

Archaeology of the Longhouse: Recommended for grades 5-8. Through archaeology, we can explore how longhouses were built and used in the past and learn about the people who created them. This program will focus on building structures, planning and mapping, and the archaeological process.

  • Curriculum connections:

If you have any questions about our educational programs, please contact Katie Urban- Learning Coordinator : or give us a call: 519-473-1360

Program Costs:

Half-day programs:

  • $6/person (2 hrs)

Full-day programs:

  • $10.00/person (3.5 hrs + 0.5 hr for lunch)

The Museum requires ample supervision for all programs.

  • Teachers/chaperones are admitted free at an 8:1 ratio (2 free minimum)
  • Support workers for individual students are always free and not included in the 8:1 ratio
  • Extra/Paid Chaperones = $3
Booking a Program:

Please click the link for more information: Booking a Program

Customize your Program:

Want to add something to your program? Click the link for additional activities: Customize your program