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Grades 1-3

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Programming for Grades 1 to 3


General Tour: Introduction to Ontario’s First Nations People (Grades 1 to 3)

Begin your adventure at the Museum with an introductory film, followed by a special artifact handling and identification session. Complete your trip with a guided tour of the galleries and Lawson Iroquois Village. Students learn about the history of Ontario’s First Nations people before European contact and explore how changes in the climate and environment affected their way of life and technology.

  • 1.5 hrs; includes hands-on artifact activity and village tour. $5/student

Or choose one of our curriculum-based programs below. All programs include the General Tour.


Structures, Objects & The Seasons (Grade 1)

Students will explore the relationship of form, material, and function in First Nations’ tools, and how the changing environment in Ontario has impacted human and animal needs over time.

  • Half day: Includes a Pottery and Patterns craft.
  • Full day: half-day program plus traditional games and choice of one workshop.

First Nations’ Traditions (Grade 2)

Discover Ontario’s First Nations people through their legends and traditions.

  • Half day: Includes a craft.
  • Full day: half-day program plus First Nations traditional games and Pottery and patterns craft.

First Nations People & Pioneers (Grade 3)

Explore First Nations traditional life and tools, and the knowledge and inventions they shared with the pioneers.

  • Half day: Includes a Pottery and Patterns craft.
  • Full day: half-day program plus traditional games and choice of one workshop.

Woodland Style Painting (Grades 1-3)

Students explore the elements and principles of design through the work of historical and contemporary Woodland style artists. Students will then apply what they have learned to their own painted creation.

  • Half day: Includes an introduction to Ontario’s First Nations people.
  • Full day: half-day program plus personal totem sculptures and soapstone pendants.


  • Suggested workshops for Grades 1-3 :
    • Pottery (clay)
    • Beaded Bracelets
    • Woodland Style Painting
    • Dioramas

MOA Education Workshops Descriptions

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology also provides Special Day Programs  for Grades 1-8.

If you have any questions about our educational programs, please contact Katie Urban- Learning Coordinator : or give us a call: 519-473-1360

The Learning Centre

Download complete pre and post visit lesson plans here:

Program Costs:

Half-day programs:

  • $6/person (2 hrs)

Full-day programs:

  • $10.00/person (3.5 hrs + 0.5 hr for lunch)

The Museum requires ample supervision for all programs.

  • Teachers/chaperones are admitted free at an 8:1 ratio (2 free minimum)
  • Support workers for individual students are always free and not included in the 8:1 ratio
  • Extra/Paid Chaperones = $3
Booking a Program:

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Customize your Program:

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