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Behind the scenes: Meet Nicole

Nicole A

Hi! I am Nicole Aszalos and I have been working at MOA since May 2014. My official job title is a curatorial intern, but as in any smaller institution, that takes on a broad meaning since I am diving into something different and exciting every day. As a curatorial intern, my first project was to redesign the interpretive panels both on the Lawson site and inside the permanent gallery to make them more accessible and interactive with the public. Currently I am still working on that, but I have also started working on standardizing and creating digital records of the collection, rehousing various artefacts, and conducting research.

During my interview, Joan told me about the changes in branding to the museum and the goals she wants the museum to achieve and I was instantly hooked. I felt that my experience working in both contemporary galleries and historical museums would provide the museum with unique concepts and ideas. I knew MOA would provide a great experience and allow me to help the museum evolve and grow. My favorite part about working here is the staff. They are very dedicated, inspiring, and hardworking individuals and all full of good humor. Everyone loves being here which makes me love it too.

Since my background is in Classical Archaeology (Wilfrid Laurier) and my postgrad is Museum and Gallery Studies (Georgian), logically MOA combines the best of both worlds. I am thoroughly appreciative of this experience and the knowledge I am gaining here. MOA has taught me more than I could have imagined, introduced me to some fascinating people, and provided me an interest in North American archaeology. After I finish my internship, I plan on looking for a job in the heritage sector and hopefully pursue a Masters in Archaeology in the coming years.  If I could say one thing about MOA, it would be to come and experience what it has to offer! It’s a great atmosphere and I highly recommend experiencing the space and the people behind it. 

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