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Elementary Programs

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Live Virtual Tour

Explore the MOA Gallery and the Lawson Archaeological Site through this 45 minute live virtual “tour” that explores Archaeology and the early history of what is now Ontario.

$70 for 45 mins live tour for up to 30 students (can be combined with programs below for 20% savings)

All Virtual Programming delivered through the platform Google Meets or Microsoft Teams (However, if you prefer another videoconferencing platform, we can likely accommodate).


This interactive program will explore the shared needs of plants, animals, and humans past and present. Emphasis will be put on relating the then and now.

Students will explore the different soils and rock types while learning about how Archaeologists interact with and encounter them in their work studying Ontario’s past Peoples.

Through archaeology, we can explore how longhouses were built and used in the past and learn about the people who created them. This program will focus on the structures of a longhouse, and scaling down by plotting points on a grid. This is part of how Archaeologists preserve sites through recording the details.

Students will explore the Historical Inquiry Process through the six historical thinking concepts with a focus on primary and secondary sources, perspectives, and bias. The program is adjusted for each grade curriculum. 

How it works:

When you book you will be given access to the pre-activities and post activities for 2 calendar months. We will also arrange a scheduled time for your live virtual session.

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